Flat Creek – 2014/09/21

A couple friends and I spent the day on the Refuge. There were tons of mayflies about, at least three different species, along with midges, flying ants, and the occasional stonefly. Mike caught two and missed one or two more. Katy caught one, lost one, and missed or didn’t get a good hook set on three or four more. I caught two and broke one off. Most of the action was on rusty spinners, though the first one I caught was on a crane fly and Katy brought up some fish on an ant pattern of her own creation. It was a good day. Katy did especially well for her first time fishing Flat Creek.

Flat Creek

Mike tries to “poach” a riser, while Katy ties on a new fly.

Flat Creek Cutty

Mike’s first, good-sized Flat Creek cutty. Unfortunately Katy’s nice fish got out of the net before a picture could be taken.

Flat Creek Cutty

The length doesn’t quite match the shoulders.

Flat Creek Cutty

This nice fish chased down a crane fly pattern, though I don’t quite buy some claims about said patterns on Flat Creek.

Blacktail Creek – 2014/09/20

I spent the afternoon on Blacktail Creek. I caught two and missed what was likely a big fish. I had a few other shots at good fish, but I couldn’t get them to eat and eventually spooked ‘em. The larger of the two caught took a flying ant, the other some kind of small mayfly emerger. A perfect day with temps in the mid-70s.

Blacktail Creek

A perfect day with fall color at its peak.

Blacktail Creek Cutty

The bigger of the two landed. Unfortunately none of the resident donkeys could be fooled.

Flat Creek – 2014/09/19

I hit up Flat Creek after work. There was a pretty good spinner fall when I got to the water. In the hour and a half I was out there, I caught two and lost one. The one lost was only slightly smaller than the landed donkey. It was a nice evening.

Flat Creek

The Sleeping Indian is ever watchful on the Refuge.

Flat Creek Cutty

The feed bucket was on for spinners.

Flat Creek – 2014/09/09

I hit up Flat Creek again today after work. I only saw two risers: one I put down with a poor approach, the other I caught on a rusty spinner. There was another epic spinner fall, and also the most midges I have ever seen. The landed fish was likely the same one that broke me off on Thursday. It was a bit breezy, but a nice night nonetheless.

Flat Creek Otters

I’m a big fan of otters, but not when they are chasing the trouts I’m trying to catch.

Flat Creek Cutty

A beautiful fish.

Flat Creek Bugs

What every fly-fisher loves to see…the beginnings of a great spinner fall.

Gros Ventre River – 2014/09/06

After a lazy start to the day, I hit up the usual stretch of the Gros Ventre. I caught four, missed a couple, and brought up a few more. All of the action was on either a hopper or Fat Albert. It was a little windy when I got out there, but it turned into a nice evening.

Gros Ventre River

Some of my favorite water.

Gros Ventre Cutty

The biggest of the day casually sipped a Hopper Grand.

Flat Creek – 2014/08/29

I left work a little early again today and hit up Flat Creek. Like Wednesday, there were tons of flying ants out, only these ones were much bigger. The fish were keyed in on them even though there was a good hatch of mayflies. I caught two and missed a couple on a flying ant pattern of some kind. The fish switched to spinners later in the evening, and I caught one, broke off a big fish, and missed a few more on a rusty spinner. Another perfect evening to be on the Refuge.

Flat Creek

I love this little creek.

Flat Creek Cutty

I thought this was a much bigger fish from its rise form.

Flat Creek Cutty

I have (likely) broken off and lost this cutty on separate occasions before finally landing ‘em tonight.

Flat Creek Cutty

Upon release the big cutty swam straight for the nearest undercut bank. It wasn’t spooked by my presence as it recovered, so I got some underwater shots.