Gros Ventre River – 2015/07/03

I hit up the usual stretch of the Gros Ventre for about six hours today. I caught somewhere around a dozen fish. The biggest was an 18″ cutbow. I have caught rainbows in different stretches of the Gros Ventre before, but this was my first obvious cutbow. I also landed a 16″ cutty, a couple 14″ers and quite a few in the 10-12″ range. I lost/missed a bunch more, two of which were good fish. Four moose were seen on the day, two bulls and two cows. Surprisingly, neither of the cows had calves. The only downside of the day was losing my $125 Fishpond net.

Gros Ventre Moose

Note the cow moose on the right.

Gros Ventre Cutty

A Gros Ventre torpedo.

Gros Ventre Cutbow

The three leaps were a dead giveaway of its rainbow genes.

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Green River – 2015/06/20

A year ago, almost to the day (6/21), I had fun on the Green with salmonfly dries, so that was the hope for today. I was on the water right at 10. After checking for big bugs where I started, and not finding any, I decided to use a rubberlegs with a worm trailer. On this setup I caught roughly 10 fish, with almost all of them taking the rubberlegs. About four were under 12″, while the rest ranged from 12-18″. I also lost about eight more, two of which were 18″+. Once I reached the point where I turned around, I tied on a salmonfly dry, and fished that all the way back to the car. On the dry I caught two, 14″ and 16″, lost a couple more, and brought another few up but either missed them or got refusals. One of those lost was a 20″ donkey, and one of those I brought up (twice) was another beauty. All told it was a fun day, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Back to the car at 7.

Green River

A perfect day on a favorite river.

Green River Brown Trout

The first good fish of the day.

Green River Brown Trout

Long but lean, nonetheless the biggest of the day.

Green River Brown Trout

The biggest caught on a dry fly, if only one of the donkeys was landed.

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Grebe Lake – 2015/06/14

The hope for the day was to catch some grayling, which Grebe Lake is well known for. It’s about a three mile hike into the lake, so after a very early start from Jackson we were on the water at about 9:30. The lake was bigger than we expected, but is quite scenic tucked below Observation Peak. The day started off promising enough with some fairly consistent risers, but we soon figured out that the majority of the rising fish were tiny. As the wind started to pick up, we moved to the other side of the lake hoping for a reprieve, but that was not the case. We still found fish coming up for emerging Callibaetis though. They were again tiny for the most part, except for one nice fish that Mike fooled but quickly lost when it swam into some vegetation. After moving to a new spot back on the south side of the lake, we finally found some decent fish. The wind had picked up even more by then, so we switched to subsurface flies. We each caught a rainbow in the 12-14″ range, and we each caught the sought-after grayling. The biggest Katy and I landed were in the 6-8″ range, while Mike caught a beautiful male pushing 10″. A few other smaller rainbows and grayling were caught between us, with Mike landing a good portion of them. Pink scuds were the most successful, though an olive bugger worked fairly well too. It was a fun day that could have been even more so if the wind had stuck to the forecast and the fish had kept rising throughout the day.

Grebe Lake

Observation Peak makes for a scenic spot to fish.

Grebe Lake Rainbow

A gorgeous rainbow that hammered an olive woolly bugger.

Grebe Lake Grayling

Mike’s beautiful male grayling. (Pardon the water drop on the lens.)

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Crawfish Creek / Lewis River – 2015/06/06

Crawfish Creek just inside Yellowstone’s south entrance was today’s destination with Katy and Mike. I have driven over it countless times without giving it much thought as far as fishing, but Mike suggested it after reading up on it. The creek, a tributary of the Lewis River, is divided into the upper and lower stretches by Moose Falls. We decided to start the day above the falls. It didn’t take us long to figure out that the creek is full of small, aggressive cuttys. Any decent looking water usually produced at least a couple of strikes. After walking about a mile upstream, the creek got very small and the mosquitoes unbearable, so we decided to try our second plan. We hiked up the Lewis River, fishing the promising water on it, and then working our way up Crawfish to the falls. On the Lewis, I missed a big cutty and Mike missed a couple of good browns. Once we got back on the smaller trib, we again found small aggressive fish, only here it was brown trout, not cuttys. On the day, at least 50 fish were caught between us. The biggest of the day was a 13″ brown I caught below the falls on an X-Caddis. Stimulators, caddis, and mayfly patterns all did the trick, though it’s doubtful the small fish were too discerning. It was a great day filled with beautiful fish, plentiful wildflowers, and abundant morels. Thankfully any of the threatening weather seemed to miss us. The only downside of the day was the mosquitoes.

Be sure to check Stream & Trail for Mike’s report and pictures.

Crawfish Creek

A beautiful small stream, both above and below Moose Falls.

Crawfish Creek Cutty

Small water, small fish, but no less fun.

Crawfish Creek Moose Falls

Mike casting below the impressive Moose Falls.

Crawfish Creek Cutty

All of the cuttys were beautiful, but this one Mike landed especially so.

Crawfish Creek Brown

The fish of the day was caught in a pretty scenic spot.Thanks to Mike for the pic.

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Soda Lake – 2015/06/01

With the Upper Gros Ventre Road opening today, Mike convinced me to take the day off and join him and Carl on Soda Lake. We expected it to be crowded like last year, but we had the lake to ourselves. The forecast and how the road becomes impassable when it’s wet likely kept others from making the long, rough trip. When we got up there, it was sunny and warm, albeit windy. The fishing started strong and continued that way for a few hours. Mike caught seven, Carl six, and I managed a measly two. A lot more were lost and missed as well. All of those landed were in the 16-22″ range. Worms, scuds, and midge and mayfly nymphs all caught fish. When the clouds started to build at about 1PM the fishing slowed down, and when the lightning started shortly thereafter we decided to bail. We likely could have fished a bit longer and have been fine on the drive out, but that wasn’t a risk I was willing to take. All in all, a good day.

Soda Lake

A fine day to start, but it didn’t last.

Soda Lake Cutthroat

One of Mike’s many nice fish.

Soda Lake Cutthroat

The smaller of the two I landed.

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Green River – 2015/05/25

Mike, Katy and I hit up the same stretch of the Green as last week. It had gone muddy after heavy rains on Friday, but was dropping and clearing nicely today. Most of the fishing was done with nymphs, and the action was fairly slow except for a few highlights. The first was a 20″ fish that Mike lost. The second was a 22″ brown that took my worm trailer, but broke off while Mike was trying to net it. Another was a 16″ riser Mike fooled with a BWO Almost Dun. And the last one was a big fish that broke me off on a big run into fast water. Otherwise, Katy caught a small brown, Mike caught a couple small ones, and I caught a 14″ brown. A few others, likely on the small side, were missed and lost as well. There was one brief rain shower and some not-so-distant thunder, otherwise it was a pretty nice day.

 Green River

The Winds were sometimes visible.

 Green River Brown

The only decent fish I landed.

It's tough breaking off a donkey at the net. Thanks to Katy for the iPhone video.

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