Snake River – 2014/12/07

Mike and I hit up the Snake, walking downstream from Moose. I caught four cuttys and lost a couple more. Mike caught two and lost one. We also hooked into about 25 whitefish between us. Nymphing was the name of the game with fish taking Hare’s Ears, Higa’s SOS, and Zebra Midges. Mostly sunny with temps in the upper-30s. A great day for December, though the crusty snow was quite a pain to walk through.

Snake River

Hard to find a better backdrop for fishing anywhere.

Snake River Cutty

A fine December cutty.

Snake River Cutty

Mike landed the biggest of the day from surprisingly shallow water.

Snake River Cutty UW

Returning to its underwater lair.

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Snake River – 2014/11/28

Mike and I hit up the Wilson Bridge stretch again today. We started out using streamers, but didn’t have any grabs, so we quickly switched to nymphs. Mike caught one small cutty, some small whiteys, and likely the biggest whitey I’ve ever seen landed. I caught two good cuttys, fouled another one, and lost a small one. There were a few whiteys in there too. Breezy and pushing 40°. Today was my 90th day on the water this year.

Snake River Cutty

Took the small zebra midge trailer.

Snake River Cutty

Fell for the larger pheasant tail.

Snake River Whitefish

Mike’s gargantuan whitey.

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Snake River – 2014/11/09

I hit up the South Park stretch for a while this afternoon. I thought conditions would be perfect for BWOs, but that was not the case. I wasn’t able to bring anything up with dries, and I only managed a couple on streamers. I had to take advantage of the mid-50s temps, as it is supposed to get cold this week. Hopefully this won’t be my last day on the water this year.

Snake River

Despite some wind, it was a fine November day.

Snake River Cutty

On the small side, but I’ll take it in November.

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Flat Creek – 2014/10/19

After a lazy start to the day, I decided to hit up the Refuge. There were a lot of people out when I first got there, but the crowd quickly thinned. I worked two big rising fish for most of the afternoon…I could never figure them out. The only action I had was when I put on a crane fly and fished some spots I knew held fish. I caught one and lost a smaller one. Another day of perfect October weather.

Flat Creek

Yes, please!

Flat Creek Cutty

Couldn’t refuse a crane fly.

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Snake River – 2014/10/12

I hit up the Flagg Ranch stretch of the Snake in search of browns running up from Jackson Lake. I caught two, lost three and had a few more grabs. All of the action was on a conehead bugger. The weather was bad: mid-30s with off-and-on snow. I wish I had brought gloves.

Snowy Snake River

Lovely October weather.

Snake River Brown

I was hoping for something a wee bit bigger.

Snake River

A brief break in the snow.

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Flat Creek – 2014/10/10

Mike had the day off, so I left work a little early and met him on the Refuge. There was a pretty good, but short-lived blue-winged olive hatch. Mike broke one off and missed two others. I caught one and missed one. Most of the action was on BWO emergers, though the donkey came up for a crane fly. We were working two or three risers, but couldn’t get them to eat, so as a last resort I tied on a crane fly. On the second cast, the big guy hammered it. It’s possibly the biggest Snake River fine-spotted I’ve caught. I didn’t think it was as big as it was, but Mike did. It was a good afternoon.

Flat Creek Cutty

This picture doesn’t do the fish justice.

Flat Creek Cutty

An absolutely beautiful fish. Thanks to Mike for the pictures.

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