Snake River – 2015/03/01

My goal for today was to catch at least one fish on a dry fly. Unfortunately that did not happen. I found risers where I expected to, but I did not expect there to be ice between the fish and I. The pod was rising a couple inches from the ice edge, so getting a good presentation with the line on the ice proved frustrating. I eventually got one to eat, and it was big, but it came off after about a minute. The only fish I managed to land was caught in a side-channel on a Zebra Pheasant Tail. It didn’t warm up as much as was expected, though it was a pleasant day nonetheless.

Snake River

Wandering the river below the Tetons is wondrous.

Snake River Cutty

Not caught on a dry fly.

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Snake River – 2015/02/19

With the forecast for the weekend going downhill, I took the afternoon off and hit up the Wilson Bridge stretch. I only landed one and missed/lost three others, one of which was a whitefish. The one landed took a Zebra Pheasant Tail. There were plenty of midges on the water, though no heads were seen. The weather started out perfect, but the clouds and wind increased throughout the afternoon. Nonetheless it was still in the mid to upper 40s. Spring in February!

Snake River

Still plenty of snow up high, not much down low.

Snake River Cutty

At least the only landed fish was a decent one.

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San Bernard NWR – 2015/02/04

While visiting my brother and his family in Texas, we hired a guide hoping to catch some redfish. The destination was San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge and the creeks and flats near the Intercoastal Waterway. Conditions weren’t good to say the least: clouds, wind, and muddy water. We saw some nice fish, but generally only after they reacted to the boat. We casted to a few, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them “shots”. It was cool to explore a new ecosystem nonetheless, and the bird life was pretty incredible.

San Bernard Flat

We only saw the sun for a few brief minutes.

N Platform

My brother on the platform hoping for a shot.

Here’s an unexciting video of cruising through the creeks:

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Madison River – 2015/01/26

We were on the water shortly after 10. The weather was ideal for January, except for the one thing I wasn’t expecting…strong wind. The hope was to find risers, but it proved to be a nymphing game. I caught three, all rainbows, and Mike caught two, one bow and one brown. I foul hooked a brown, we both broke off a good fish, and Mike lost a small one. The one that broke me off felt huge. Fish were fooled by Olive Hare’s Ears, Zebra Midges, Zebra Pheasant Tails, and $3 Dips. There were tons of midges on the water, but we only saw a single rise. We were back to the car shortly after 4. It was a good day despite the wind, and definitely worth the drive.

Madison River

The Henrys Lake Mountains make for a great backdrop.

Madison River Rainbow Trout

Fell for the larger Olive Hare’s Ear.

Madison River Brown Trout

Mike’s gorgeous brown.

Madison River Rainbow

The biggest (landed) fish of the day took a small Zebra Pheasant Tail.

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Snake River – 2015/01/10

Mike convinced me to go fishing with him and Katy, despite the fog. The Wilson Bridge stretch was the usual winter destination. Soon after getting on the water, Katy found out the hard way that she had leaky waders and bailed, while Mike and I continued. There were a ton of midges on the water, but the fishing proved slow. I caught one on a small Brassie and didn’t get a good hook set on another nice fish. Mike lost one, and that was it. The forecast called for low 30s, but it likely didn’t get above the mid-20s while we were on the water.

Snake River

Mike working a usually productive seam.

Snake River Cutty

The only fish of the day.

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Snake River – 2015/01/07

The forecast was calling for afternoon sun with the mercury pushing 40°, unfortunately the fog never burned off. Instead temps stayed around 30°. I cut out of work early thinking the fog would clear and hit up the Wilson Bridge stretch. I caught three cuttys and one whitey. The trouts took the small Zebra Midge, while the whitefish took the bigger Hare’s Ear. I believe this is the earliest I have fished in a calendar year. Here’s to 100 days on the water in 2015!

Snake River

Damn inversions!

Snake River Cutty

Not too shabby for early January.

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